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About Us

The Insta Fashionista Store offers high quality products, including but not limited to pet accessories, dog toys, and beautiful earrings. If you love your pet or you are an animal lover, you should definitely pay a visit to the store. 
Since everyone dresses up for themselves, there is no reason you would not do so for your lovely dogs and cats. Wearing even as small as a bow tie can make your pet a spotlight as you bring them out to the street or a gathering. Making your beloved pets feel as festive as possible during every holiday is also important by giving them holiday dresses to wear. Therefore, pet accessories collection will also keep expanding so that you will eventually find EVERYTHING in one place (which is in this store), and that will make your life not only much fun but also much easier. 
Besides that, while keeping your pets entertained, you might as well dress up yourself with beautifully designed earrings. Earrings can completely change your image. With their help it’s possible to favourably emphasize your outfit, skin tone, or face shape. They also make you more noticeable, expressive, and even a spotlight in a party. Carefully choosing your earrings can selectively make you look adorable, sexy, elegant, or extravagant. Yet, you do not need to stick to one single image; this is why we provide a wide range of styles of earrings so that you can look fantastic in every single way you desire every single day. 
For now, we accept both credit cards and PayPal payment. Also, please refer to the Shipping page for our accepted FREE shipping countries and time.
                                   We accept paypal payment at Insta Fashionista StoreWe accept paypal payment at Insta Fashionista Store
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Hope you have a lot of fun shopping at Insta Fashionista Store!